Saturday, September 28, 2013

Plans to Plant a Tree

Remember my previous post in which I said that I went apple picking with my fiancée?

Well, I was eating one such apple the other day, and two of the seeds fell out. I immediately decided that I'm going to plant an apple tree.

I collected all the seeds from that apple, and they are currently germinating in my refrigerator. Some light research tells me that I'll need to keep them in there for six weeks before I can plant them in a pot, so I plan on updating you all with the progress of that little project via this blog (notice the label "apple tree" attached to this post, all the updates will have that label so you can easily find them all).

The apple in question was a Golden Delicious, which are probably my favorite to eat on their own. My fiancée, on the other hand, loves McIntosh because she loves to bake with them, so I also grabbed a few of those seeds so we can try to grow a McIntosh tree as well!

If I'm going to plant any trees, they're going to be ones that give me more than shade.

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