Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grow Old

Today is my birthday.

Sometimes I'll be looking at a mirror and an idea will creep into my brain. I latch onto that idea and become mesmerized by the sight of my own face; the fully-developed features, the shadow of an unshaven chin, and the glimmer of naivete fading from my eyes. The idea, of course, is that I'm an adult now. Rather than feel nostalgic at this realization and yearn for the past, I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in years. I feel that this was the way I was always meant to look; that this is the visual representation of who I've always thought I was.

Either out of arrogance or the complete shedding of my self-doubt and insecurities, I think to myself "who is that handsome devil staring back at me?" then shoot myself a pair of finger guns complete with "ka-chink" sound effect and return to my adult life with a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.


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