Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Weeks Until I'm Halfway There

There are two weeks left of my second year of college. It's suddenly dawning on me that I'm halfway through with college (assuming I manage to get out in two more years) and it's quite surreal.
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It's definitely true that as you get older, you perceive time as moving faster. I always felt that this was somewhat true since I remember summers lasting forever when I was younger than they do now, and it certainly makes sense that time seems shorter/faster the more of it you have to compare it to, but halfway through college? That just seems impossible! I remember completing my second year of high school and feeling that it took so long to get there, and feeling I had so much more time ahead of me until I graduated, but now two years is feeling more like only one.

Of course as much as I love to dwell on the past and miss high school as much as I'm sure I'll miss college looking back on it, I am quite happy for time to be moving so swiftly as well. It's comforting that before I know it I'll have a degree in my hand, and a more certain future in store for me (and of course a wife at my side). I guess I feel like most people do at my age; I'm excited to get to experience being an adult since all my life I've waited and dreamed about it, but I wish there was a way to go back to being a kid once in a while (though I'm a firm believer that you live twice: the second time being through your children).

Well I suppose I should keep this post short, as I have exams and papers due in the weeks ahead. I wish good luck to everyone out there who also has exams coming up!

And keep in mind, you only really "fail" if you never try.

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