Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Over 100 Monthly Views!

I have some fantastic news to share! As of this month, November 2011, I have surpassed 100 views in a single month!
Now I admit I have no idea if these are all unique views or not, but the fact of the matter is that this is still an achievement for my small blog. The exact number of views prior to this post is 115, here are the facts (click the image to enlarge):
As you can see, the last time we came close to touching the 100 view line was in April. The largest reason for April being so "successful" despite being only the second month of my blog is that in April I posted three major posts and one minor update. This makes November's success even greater because (until this post) I have half as many posts for the month, which is the number I've been trying to maintain for each month, but even more views than in April!

So I would of course like to thank all of you who read my blog's every update, and I would love to especially thank those who comment on my posts occasionally! As you can see the next major milestone will be to surpass over 1000 views total, so let's keep those views coming into the next month and all the way into my blog's future!

As a side-note I'll mention that I am officially done with the planned changes to my blog; I've brought over all the content from my website (and then some) and changed the name and URL of the blog so that everything makes sense and is all in one place. Of course I will always be trying to update the blog as much as possible to make it even better, but for now I have nothing major planned.

Thank you yet again.

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