Friday, June 10, 2011

A Small Realization

Firstly I apologize to my semi-loyal readers for being absent for so long, I've been dealing with some personal things recently as well as now having a full-time job and summer class and haven't gotten around to writing much (hence my previous post on my other hobby of playing video games).
However I recently picked up my metaphorical pen again and began typing away at more of my latest untitled, unfinished masterpiece which I am happy to say is going better than I expected. In the transition from paper to computer, I am constantly making the story both more streamlined and more detailed as I copy it to my computer.
Pictured: Completely unrelated but funny nonetheless.
I have also come to a small realization in my style of telling this particular story which fits my "streamlined" statement above. I've gotten so wrapped up in explaining every little detail to the world I see in my mind that I was running into problems with awkwardness. At one point I had two characters noticing and heading towards a stairway and came to the creative problem of trying to declare that they were now ascending the stairs without sounding too clunky, detailed, or messy about it. I was trying to find a way to better say "they began to walk up the stairs, and then made it to the top" when I realized that the whole sentence was completely unnecessary. The audience/reader isn't stupid, I decided, so instead of including a sentence declaring how, why, or to what end the characters ascended the large but simple staircase, I instead said something along the lines of "the second floor was more interesting than the first" and left it to the reader to figure out that they got to the second floor by using the stairway that they were previously headed towards.

Simple isn't it?