Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Website is LIVE!

You can now read all of my short fiction stories and learn more about my work history at my new website,!

Anyone who looks far enough back in the post history of this blog will know that I actually used to have a website a long time ago that this blog grew out of, but it was eventually deleted. As I grew up and began my professional career I realized the value of having a new and improved website, but I resisted creating one for many years because I felt like other services I used (such as LinkedIn) served my needs well enough. At one point I even used this blog to host some of my stories, but it turns out that Blogger isn't really built for that.

It wasn't until I started writing and posting stories on Reddit that I realized I really needed a better way to store and share my stories online – and that I should probably finally share the original short stories I'd been hiding on my hard drive all my life. This coincided with me wanting to send potential employers to a single page that I had 100% control over that would show them everything they'd need to know why they should hire me. It was admittedly tough to design a website that catered to both needs (despite how simple the end result looks) but in the end I think it's exactly what I needed.

In fact, here's some before and after screenshots to show you how much the site changed from my original concept:

A first draft of the home page.
The current/final home page.
Originally I was going to have a home page, a portfolio page, a résumé page, a stories page, and embed my blog into its own page, but in the end I realized it was better (and more fair to the importance of my fiction stories) to combine all the stuff an employer might want to see onto the home page and simply link to my blog.

I've still got more stuff I plan to add to the site in the future (such as one of the stories that is currently listed but not available on the site) but now that I'm done with the major features I'm happy to say I can shift gears and focus on other big projects going on in my life that had been put on the back burner in favor for this.

So check the website out and tell me what you think! I can't wait to see where it goes!