Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Incoming Changes and Project

I've been pondering some blog-related things recently.
First and foremost is my blog's relation to my website. The reason they exist as separate sites is simply because at first I didn't have a blog, and didn't plan on having one. My website was supposed to simply be a place to digitally store and share my works of literature. As time went on I realized that having only a website wouldn't allow me to make updates as frequently as I wanted, and thus (among other reasons) my blog was born. Now that I've used Blogger for a few months I'm starting to see the potential for my blog to completely replace my website without losing any of the content, and it's also starting to seem ridiculous to not have my content accessible in the place that most people visit (Blogger tells me that there were 53 visits to my blog last month, whereas my website doesn't even have a way of telling me how many people visit it).
What exactly am I rambling on about? I want to merge the content of my website with my blog, essentially meaning that aside from being able to read my updates on this website, you will be able to read all my literature on it as well.

Somewhat related to this is the fact that I want to do something fun and new with my blog. I am not ready to shell out all the details yet (I will have an entire update dedicated just to that when I have it all sorted out) but what I will say is that anyone familiar or interested with my writing origins will be pleasantly surprised and enthused.

Too bad the title of this blog will make less sense without the website accompanying it.

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Andrew Matt said...

Sounds great, I've been wanting to read your literature for awhile now and have mainly accessed your content here. I think its easier for you to market yourself here then with your own webpage, especially if you don't have your own dedicated domain name. Looking forward to the update in the future!