Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scary Times

I'm entering a very scary but exciting time in my writing.
On one hand I'm becoming incredibly serious and excited about my future in writing. I've been formulating ideas for publishing/releasing my stories, figuring out some interesting ideas for the stories themselves, and getting closer and closer to finishing the second draft of my longest story yet.

But on the other hand I have once again come to question whether or not I am as good as I think I am. Publishing/Releasing my works means totally exposing an area I've so far only shared among my closest friends and family. I may be writing purely for the fun of it, but I still think it's the one and only thing I'm really good at, which means that the first person to tell me otherwise could crush my spirit completely. It's a complicated and contradictory feeling.
I feel confident that I am better at writing than most, simply because most people don't even try or have an interest in writing like I do, but how do I stack up against the people who do?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Regarding the secret writing project I alluded to in the last post; I'm at a kind of standstill with writing it right now, but am making progress mentally about how I plan to go about it. Remember to check back here for updates, or subscribe with your email address to the right to get emailed every time I post, or "Follow" with your Google account to stay up-to-date!

Wish me luck!
PS: the tabs you see at the top are currently links to my website, I am still sorting out how to get all that content to the blog itself.

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