Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Semester Incoming!

As I'm sure I've mentioned, this is my last year of college. With December approaching that means that my last semester is coming up, I've already explained how busy my current semester has been so let's see what I can expect for the next semester.

I've only signed up for four classes next semester, as that's the minimum amount I need in order to graduate. Of those four classes only one is a requirement. Theoretically I was able to decide what class to take in order to fill that requirement, unfortunately out of about seven choices there was only one offered next semester, and it happened to be the one I least wanted to take: Technical Writing.

The rest of my classes were electives that I got to choose for myself. One of these is a sociology online class that should be interesting but is ultimately just filler. My last two choices are classes that I'm quite excited for, as they apply directly to my two interests in professions: writing and advertising. They're both ultimately going to help me work on honing my craft.

The interesting thing is that both of those classes are capstone courses. This means that I've got two classes I don't care too much about, and two that I care about but are going to be difficult. I'm not too worried about it, but it is unsettling that my last semester probably won't be as relaxed and fun as I had planned.
The other interesting thing is that I've scheduled my semester so I only have to go to class two days a week, and I signed up to work on the other days of the week.

To sum it all up: I'll have a bigger workload, and be working more hours, yet I'll have just about the same if not more time at home to get things done and relax.

Overall I'd say that's a pretty good deal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan. Tech Writing was fun for me. I heard the guy is hard. I had Kathleen Newport, and she made it fun (busy work) but worth doing, and 2 short 5 minute presentations. I hope that makes it more comforting. They also keep the grammar and writing style not as strict b/c it's required from most business majors to learn format.

Ryan Matejka said...

Huh, well I'm taking it with the guy (who had no ratings on because my only other option was online and my thought was that I would do better with an in-class course than online. Thanks for the heads-up!