Friday, June 14, 2013

One Year from Today

Today is a special day, because a year from today will be the most special day of my life.

Guys are allowed to get sentimental about weddings, too, you know.

I met my fiancée over five years ago, and we were just in high school at the time. All the statistics in the world told us that we'd remain high school sweethearts, and our future together would consist only of fond memories of our foolish teenage love.
Here's exactly what we looked like
on the night we met. True love?

We've never really felt like we were part of the majority. We always felt like the exception, not the rule.

"Everyone feels that way," my friends would tell me, "you won't last through your first year of college. You shouldn't even be going to the same college, one of you is going to resent the other for it." It's true that our first two years of college were perhaps the worst in all five so far, but we made it through, because each of us felt a pull that we couldn't deny. Even when I failed her, my fiancée gave me another chance, knowing me better than anyone else and trusting that deep down I really wanted to and was capable of doing better for her. Even when we were uncertain of our feelings for each other, we trusted our love.

This is not a method that usually works for people. At the risk of sounding like a dork while quoting Nine Inch Nails; love is not enough.
You need to be willing and capable of working through the rough times, and even then, you may realize that you just don't work together. Love is a complicated feeling that doesn't always pull us in the right direction.

But when it does, boy is it worth it! I write this one year before I get married to the young woman I've loved since she was an awkward teen, and I can confidently say that I love her now more than ever, and am so proud of the woman she's grown up to be. The qualities I loved about her from the very beginning are still there in her, but over the years she's changed in ways that have made me love her even more.

Here's to the day that comes a year from now; my wedding day!

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