Thursday, May 29, 2014

Countdowns and Haircuts and Vows ... Oh My!

As I write this, the countdown timer on my blog informs me that I have 16 days and a handful of hours until I get married. We've been engaged for about three and a half years, so it's quite surprising for the date to finally be so close, but I've got to say I'm more excited than ever!

As far as last-minute tasks and errands go, there really aren't many. My wife-to-be and her mother have been so ahead of schedule and on top of things that they've already got everything done and ready to go! This has been especially awesome since my wife-to-be just got a new job with full time hours (whereas she was working part time before, which gave her more time to prep for the wedding).

One thing I just did to prepare was get my hair cut by the woman my wife-to-be gets her hair cut by. Typically I'll go to whatever haircut chain is closest or cheapest; but their work, while not bad at all, leaves something to be desired. For my wedding haircut I wanted to go to someone I knew and trusted who I had high confidence in. I may not have a lot of hair, but that doesn't detract from the fact that it is capable of making me look like a homeless hipster. Our wedding is neither hipster nor homeless themed.

The result is great! Wanting to indulge in this one bit of personal appearance was worth it, despite costing about twice as much as I usually pay. I would post a photo, but you'll just see it when I post a wedding photo or two. I'll probably end up going to the same person again from now on, because frankly I was getting sick of going home after a haircut and feeling the need to take scissors to it myself.

The most important last-minute task, however, is our vows. Being that I'm a writer, I demanded that we write our own rather than using some insert-name-here vows that only generically pertain to us. The pressure was immediately on for her, who volunteered to read her vows first so that they wouldn't sound "poor in comparison" after mine. I have no doubt that hers will be spectacular, but she insists that she won't be able to accurately and romantically describe her feelings for me.

Honestly, she's not the only one. Just because I'm a writer and have a good sense for how to write a good speech, I'm not automatically carefree that I'll be able to write something perfect for that all-too-important moment in my life. If anything, I can feel myself and others holding me to a higher standard because of my love of writing. I want something meaningful, personal, romantic, and for it to be the perfect length and pace.

How on earth can anyone do that? How can I possibly put into words how I feel and what I promise to this girl that I've been with for six years and have fallen in love with time and time again?

Then again, she inspires my like nobody else.

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