Friday, March 21, 2014

Dream Diary: Heart Attack in New York

I'm pleased to say that I had another interesting dream this past night that I was able to recall this morning.

My fiancée and I were traveling, and at first we came to a beach. I remember something happening at the beach (though not as dramatic as the dream I didn't blog about where we had a beach house invaded by violent kids while we slept and I had to defend us with a shotgun), but I cannot recall the specifics. I think that there might have also been a water park on the beach, but I cannot be sure.

Eventually the setting changed to New York, which we were visiting for the first time. We had split off to do some touring/shopping separately. I happened to run into a guy who was a good friend of mine in high school but have since become distant from, and he and I walked around checking things out while my fiancée did some shopping on her own (or with a friend? I don't remember).

To put this next bit into context, you should know that occasionally I've been having light dizzy spells that come and go at random, but have been pretty far spread apart. I should probably see a doctor about it, but I haven't yet as it comes and goes so quickly and sporadically that it's not something I even remember soon after.

I began to feel dizzy, and I told my friend that I wasn't feeling well and had to sit down (we found a nice cafe-style place outdoors on the sidewalk). The sensation didn't subside as it usually does, instead it grew greater until I came to the conclusion that I was in need of medical care for what I considered to be a heart attack (though it obviously didn't share the symptoms typically associated with it), and I shouted for my friend to call an ambulance.

As we waited for it to arrive, my fiancée happened to run into us, and I recall her surprising me from behind (shopping bags in arm), leaning over my shoulder to say hello and how was I doing? I told her that I wasn't feeling well and was afraid that I was having a heart attack. She kissed me. I woke up.

It's quite interesting what kind of things the mind can cook up when it has nothing to do.

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