Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third Year in Review

Every year on the anniversary of the my first post on this blog I review how the year has been. This is slightly different than when I review the past calendar year, in that I focus more on a review of the blog rather than a review of my life.
Look how far I've come! - Original Layout & Content
As far as statistics go, I reached a record number of 460 views in one month this past October, however that was completely due to sites spamming my blog for hits, so that number is wildly inaccurate. I actually got between 110 and 180 views per month, and even some of those might have been spam hits. However, in total it looks like my blog has been viewed 4,328 times!

I've been posting at least twice a month (rarely more), and since last month I've been steering away from topical (yet personal) posts (such as my views on never settling for being just a statistic, or how it feels to know I'm getting married soon) and instead embraced posting in a journal-style about the my life. The change might be subtle, but it's been much more fun and easier on my end to just write about what's going on without having to try to make it mean something or revolve around a subject. After all, life doesn't work the same as a book does; there's no central theme or plot. Things just happen.

That's not to say that I want to just keep this as a public journal. I love writing about writing, I've kept my promise to myself to do a book review (though I'd also love to review movies, music, etc. whenever I'm inspired to do so), and have started cataloging my interesting dreams. I want this blog to explode outwards into uncharted territory and try out new things until I find what works for me and you. A lot has changed over the past three years, and this blog shouldn't remain the same until it grows stale.
Clearly it hasn't.
I don't know how long I'll keep up this blog, but I'd like to thank each and every one of you for reading it. Blogging has never really been about pulling in big view numbers, but instead I've enjoyed using it as a way to express myself, hone my writing ability, and document my life. It's cool to know that some people out there enjoy reading it.


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